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For superior plumbing and electrical services in Frome and the surrounding areas, come to Trojan Construction & Maintenance Ltd. We have all the expertise within our talented team to conduct all plumbing and electrical fittings for any building project, from new builds and office spaces to extensions and renovations. Moreover, we can work on domestic, commercial and industrial construction projects. So, whether you are an individual, a business or a housing developer, enlist Trojan to work with you to carry out professional installations.


Wiring a building is complex and requires strict compliance to safety standards. There are many factors influencing the electrical set up of a property, such as design, cable and wiring type and size, locations of outlets and environmental exposure considerations. As such, it is crucial you use someone with the necessary training and experience to conduct a thorough and professional job. We are competent in working within new build developments, extensions and renovation projects. So, whatever your building plans, we can install the appropriate electrical setups for your property. Contact Trojan, where our NICEIC certified electrical contractors are highly experienced and well-practised in their trade, offering you full peace of mind and efficient, cost-effective delivery.


Trojan take pride in providing access to fresh running water and effective wastewater drainage within your property. Moreover, our professional installations minimise the risk of leaks and malfunction that could result in significant structural damage if left unnoticed or unattended. We can assist with renovations too, to ensure your project goes without a hitch. Furthermore, we can provide and advise on the appropriate materials and techniques that should be delivered as not to impose on or compromise period features. Our trained plumbers work tirelessly, with a keen eye to detail, to ensure your property is hooked up and running smoothly. Call in the pros at Trojan to carry out all your plumbing work.

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Contact Trojan for exceptional plumbing and electrical services in Frome and the wider Somerset region. Our qualified NICEIC certified contractors offer you competence, quality and friendly service for your total reassurance. Call today for a free quotation.